How to identify your comms opportunity space

Customers, prospects, investors and partners – do you understand how they see your company? 

Every touchpoint across your comms and marketing presents an opportunity to influence, educate and engage with these important audiences.

It’s therefore critical to ensure that the investment that you are making – both time and monetary – is focused on telling the right story, in the right places, and is speaking to the right people.

Without this understanding and focus, your external comms risks shifting from delivering against business and marketing objectives to a “nice to have”.

And turning an influential arm of your business into a “nice to have” is a wasted opportunity.

Greater influence, greater opportunities

You may have a growing marketing and comms programme and need a better understanding of what is working, what isn’t and what’s missing. Or you may be a new player in a busy market and want to learn how your competitors are showing up and where you can carve out a space for your voice to be heard.

In either case (and more besides), conducting a comms audit will not only help you understand where your own strengths and weaknesses lie. But by gaining an understanding of your competitors communications, it will also allow you to identify your opportunity space and seize greater influence in the market.

Conducting a comms audit

If you need help identifying your opportunity space and want guidance around where to focus your external comms, The Flywheelers’ combined knowledge and experience of communications for the B2B technology market can help you conduct a comms audit – either as a standalone exercise or as part of a broader programme.

Our programme includes:

  • Analysing your current external communications – We review message consistency and pull-through, your news pipeline, your thought leadership and storytelling, the profiles of your leadership team, and more.
  • Analysing your competitor landscape – We conduct analysis of your competitors’ external communications to offer pertinent insights into their strengths, use of language, and media presence to help inform your own strategy.
  • Identifying your comms opportunity space – We will provide recommendations, based on our analysis of your external communications and that of your competitors, on where you can improve and differentiate your comms and make your mark on the market!

If you would be interested in conducting an audit to better understand the comms landscape and how you can seize your opportunity space, reach out to [email protected].

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