How to raise your profile with investors

A founder’s journey starts with an idea. An opportunity. A problem to be solved. Then those with the greatest entrepreneurial drive find a way to make that idea a reality. 

In its early stages, it is this pursuit of innovation that propels a company forward. However, when it comes to seeking investment, it is no longer enough just to have a solution.

Investors – from pre-seed through to the later series rounds – are looking for a founder that can show they not only have an answer to a problem, but they have the expertise, skills and leadership to launch, scale and make a success of their business.

How do you go from a person with a great idea to being investable? And what does it mean to be attractive to investors at the different stages of your company’s journey?

These are the questions we asked of six leading technology investors from Lightrock Private EquityInsight PartnersPartechElement Ventures, and angel investor, Andreas Wuchner.

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