What’s in a name? Behind The Flywheelers

What’s in a name? 

I know better than to criticise Shakespeare. And it is true that by any other name, The Flywheelers would still be the same great, creative, and ambitious team.

But sometimes there is something in a name – and that is true of ours. 

And it starts with Jim Collins and his extensive research into what makes a great company. What about them is different to their ‘good’ peers? And what are the key determinants that enable them to make that leap to greatness?

In his book, Good to Great, he introduces the Flywheel Effect. He asks us to picture a heavy flywheel. You push it once and it inches forward. You keep pushing and eventually it makes one turn. With persistence and consistency, the flywheel starts to accelerate until it builds its own momentum.

Just as there is no single ‘push’ that resulted in the momentum of the flywheel, he uses this analogy to show us how there is no single thing that makes a great company. It is the determined persistence to keep pushing the flywheel forward which creates the momentum that accelerates growth and increases value.

And I believe the Flywheel Effect applies to building brands too. It takes persistence to educate on the benefits of your offering. It takes persistence to build real connections with the audiences that matter. It takes persistence to make you famous in your market.

At The Flywheelers, we want to help our clients build this momentum. The momentum that hurtles their brand towards greatness.

We have identified the key determinants for building great brands. And working closely with our clients, we apply our Comms Flywheel methodology to help them build momentum that has real impact on their goals and on their growth.

If you want to chat about how we could help your brand build momentum, we’d love to hear from you at [email protected]. 

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