Uncovering the human cost of securing CNI


The Flywheelers were approached by a large security vendor’s product marketing team for support in building a compelling campaign narrative that would raise awareness for the cyber threats to Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), and educate their key messaging around Zero Trust and reducing the complexity of security tools.


The team started the programme by mapping the security threats and challenges that CNI cybersecurity leaders face, then explored the trends and topics that would enable them to bring these challenges to life in an editorially relevant way.

The team developed a campaign narrative around our propensity to panic when essential services and products – from toilet roll to gas shortages – are disrupted. And how this behaviour has increased the attractiveness of CNI as a target for hackers.

To understand the full picture of this hypothesis, the team conducted research amongst US and UK cybersecurity professionals working in CNI to understand which cyber threats present the greatest risk, which CNI attack scenarios they believe would be most likely to cause the public to panic, and what changes to security practices and tooling would help relieve the pressure they felt as a result. The Flywheelers analysed the findings before writing and designing a thought leadership report and infographic.

The team also created a series of thought leadership articles for placement in earned media that explored the impact on priority sectors, and the recommendations that would help reduce the burden on cybersecurity professionals securing CNI.


Reporting on the success of the campaign, the lead client at the security vendor commented:

“The Flywheelers team represent the highest levels of customer service, skill and execution. From the outset and initial planning stages, the information was accurate, answers were clear and the turnaround very fast. We couldn’t have completed this project to such a high level without Kate and the Flywheelers team.“

The marketing lead overseeing the campaign commented:

“A massive thank you to The Flywheelers team for all of their hard work. Their creativity and forecasting made the completion of our report a breeze from the outset, right up to post launch. The Flywheelers supported us through the entire journey and has produced an asset we are incredibly proud of!”

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