Worldr: taking the limelight for its Seed Funding


Approaching its Seed funding announcementWorldr wanted to secure strong media coverage to elevate its brand awareness and promote the launch of its new products. 

With just a few press articles up until this point, Worldr turned to The Flywheelers to lead the media relations strategy for its seed funding announcement and help launch the company into the spotlight at this important moment in the company’s growth.


In the run-up to the announcement, The Flywheelers developed a media relations strategy for launch. This included identifying the strongest editorial angle to elevate the value of Worldr’s product offering, mapping the key media that Worldr would want to engage, and developing a media plan that would support the greatest success on the day. 

he team also worked closely with the Worldr marketing team and the Molten Ventures communications team (VC who led the round), to coordinate the launch approach so as to maximise the noise across all relevant stakeholders’ marketing and media channels. 

The media sell-in was conducted under embargo, enabling The Flywheelers team to secure a number of interviews and written Q&As for founder, Max Buchan, to discuss the seed funding prior to the full media sell-in. 

Post-launch, the messaging was maximised by focusing on securing longer-lead features for Worldr in technology and security media.


The Flywheelers secured 24 pieces of coverage for the seed funding announcement, including stand-out articles in Insider, the Evening Standard, Yahoo! News and VentureBeat.

Founder & CEO, Max Buchan also featured live on Sky News’ lead business show, Ian King Live, on the day of launch to discuss the news of the investment and how its new Worldr for WhatsApp product could help reduce the risk of fines in regulated industries.

The team also secured a number of longer lead opportunities to profile the CEO in Maddyness and on the Tech Talks Podcast, as well as thought leadership opportunities with TEISS and Finextra.

Commenting on the programme, VP of Marketing, Sara Carty stated: “Working with The Flywheelers was a seamless experience. Kate and the team worked tirelessly to ensure our targets were met and we gained coverage in our top choice publications. A definite asset to any early-stage startup looking to make a splash!

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