The Flywheelers launches Brand Narrative Consultancy Services

The Flywheelers is launching its brand narrative consultancy services designed to help new and evolving companies better communicate their value proposition.

The brand narrative consultancy services support organisations that need to develop new messaging or reposition their brand to align with changing business and marketing priorities, such as a change in product or services, a shift in primary buyer personas, or when launching as a new company or business unit.

The services include brand narrative development, devised through a series of strategic messaging workshops, as well as consultancy on and the delivery of this messaging across key marketing and communication channels, including website copy, content marketing, social media, video and PR.

The launch of the dedicated services follows The Flywheelers’ delivery of a series of successful brand narrative and strategy programmes, including the repositioning of a consultancy transitioning towards a self-service platform model, and a new security startup launching out of stealth.

Simon Phillips, Director at SecureAck commented: “The Flywheelers has been instrumental in shaping our brand vision and identity. Their creative expertise and dedicated approach helped us bring our ideas to life, perfectly capturing the essence of our company.”

Mark Ursell, CEO of QuMind commented: “After kicking off with a very successful narrative exploration and development, we are now able to better articulate our point of difference and increase our brand recognition.”

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Kate Baldwin, Founder and Managing Director of The Flywheelers, said: “One of the greatest risks companies face in their comms and marketing is not being able to clearly articulate their value proposition and tailor this message for different stakeholders. It might sound obvious, but many companies are still taking a ‘throw it and hope it sticks’ approach to communicating strategic changes to the business. This often results in a lack of understanding and excitement around the company – no matter how good the solution is. Our new brand narrative consultancy services have been developed to empower all organisations to better communicate their value.”

For more information on our Brand Narrative Consultancy Services, reach out at [email protected].

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